BREATHE LA programs and services are multi-cultural, multi-disciplined and atuned to the specific challenges of Los Angeles County. We are proud of our commitment to provide meaningful quality of life improvements to our community. Our strong advocacy for clean air and smoke-free environments are among the many ways in which we make good on our promise to protect the breath of life.
BREATHE LA provides educational and health awareness programs, conducts lung health research, promotes clean air initiatives, enhances professional development for respiratory health professionals, and works with local communities, elected leaders, business leaders and the health education community to increase awareness and effective advocacy.



BREATHE LA conducts lung health research with the goal of developing non-medical, community-based treatments that improve quality of life for those suffering with asthma, COPD or other lung diseases.

  • O24u ® Environmental Education Program - BREATHE LA's signature program has served thousands of inner city school children, teaching them about how taking care of their environment helps take care of their lungs.

BREATHE LA has a robust advocacy agenda, with local and state efforts that address air quality, pollution emissions control, COPD surveillance, public transportation and much more.


BREATHE LA keeps the community informed and educated about the latest in advocacy, treatments and advances through our website.  BREATHE LA's Facebook and Twitter pages also provide its social network with breaking news and events updates.