Membership Benefits

Why join Trudeau Society?

  • Resources for career development
  • Explore professional education opportunities
  • Medical innovations


-Invitation to two (2) hosted annual Trudeau Society events
-Scholar Lecture and Dinner
-Daniel Simmons Lecture and Dinner
-Along with continuing education lectures and conferences throughout the year


-Exclusive access to lectures from renowned pulmonary researchers


-Engagement in COPD Advocacy for legislative and regulatory issues at the state and local levels
-Join efforts to improve pulmonary health
-Increase COPD awareness, treatments and tobacco control policies

Trudeau Connect

Trudeau Connect is an online community that joins together professionals in the pulmonary healthcare industry for purposes of discussions, events and ability to contact one another.
-Ability to post and promote upcoming events to the pulmonary community
-Information on past visiting scholars
-Membership roster and biographies will be posted
-Opportunities to engage with the local pulmonary community through secure discussion boards

How do I become a member?

Signing up to be a Trudeau Society is easy!
1. Download, print and complete the Membership form found in the links below
2. Pay for your membership!
We accept cash, credit card, check or payment through PayPal.
3. Notify BREATHE LA that you have paid for your membership and send us your Membership form by e-mailing us at, mailing in your form to BREATHE California of Los Angeles County
5858 Wilshire Blvd. STE 300
Los Angeles, CA 90036
or bring in your form and payment to one of the Trudeau Society meetings. The meeting calendar can be found here.



How do I gain access to Trudeau Connect?

1. Once you have signed up and paid for your membership, follow the link below to create your account.
2. After you register the administrator will review your account to make sure your membership was paid, and will approve or deny your request.
3. Upon approval, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to log-in and you will be ready to go!